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Celebrating our 40th Year, AMMCOR is a California Corporation, based in San Clemente, with regional offices in Brea and Irvine, AMMCOR focuses on providing Homeowners Association management services to seasoned communities in Orange County and Southern California.

Our new address is: 1211 Puerta Del Sol, Suite 120, San Clemente, CA 92673
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Orange County Association Management

Formed in 1979, AMMCOR currently manages a portfolio of over 15,000 homes in and near Orange County. As a member in good standing of CAI, we value and support education and training for our managers. AMMCOR'S General Manager previously served on the elected Board of Directors of CACM.

The tools you need to save money

AMMCOR has a great deal of knowledge and expertise. This experience separates our firm from nearly all of our ``competition`` and allows our senior staff and our certified managers to provide valuable cost-saving information to those Boards of Directors seeking real time solutions to today's problems facing their communities.

Association Management by AMMCOR
Why choose AMMCOR?

Decades of Experience

We've been serving Southern California homeowners associations since 1979.

Immediate Assistance

Live answering with immediate attention to any homeowner issues, when you need it.

We Care

We provide the utmost top level customer service that truly serves the customer.

Experts Available

We provide the utmost top level customer service that truly serves the customer.

Features of AMMCOR

We deliver the most powerful and effective association management services to your fingertips in order to serve your community promptly and in a professional manner.

Financial Processing

AMMCOR values minutia. Each nickle, dime, and dollar of your association money has value - and it's our job to collect it, count it, report it and give advice on how to stretch it, spend it, and invest it so that our partnership with your Board allows your membership to reap the rewards of good financial stewardship. Our CPA-supervised accounting staff is ready to produce monthly financials for your Board to review and approve.

Collection Procedures

It is required that the Board of Directors make a diligent effort to effectively collect the monthly assessments due the association. The collected assessments finance the community services that allow your association to function for all of the membership. AMMCOR will assist the board in reviewing a comprehensive, informative, effective and fair collection policy for your membership - and then, to the very best of AMMCOR's proven ability - the policy will be followed.

Tenant Relationships

Although the Code of Civil Procedure and your association governing documents give little guidance with regard to the relationship to a tenant, the fact is that tenants are an integral part of each community AMMCOR manages. AMMCOR has chosen to make it a good part. AMMCOR believes that several items are needed to make a tenant's residency far less problematic, and indefinitely more beneficial to your community. We are ready to help you manage this aspect of your community.


Very satisfied with our manager, Jennifer. She is prepared and efficient! Also wonderful to work with and knowledgeable of our community!

Corey M.
San Clemente, CA

Your biggest asset is senior management's availability for advising on H/O disputes and complying with Cal Codes and your knowledge of those codes.

Stephen F.
Laguna Niguel, CA

I wanted to share with you and your team the gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness that I have with all of you. From the first conversation with our manager, and her knowledge, reassuring and quick responses made to us on the Board, we know we made the right choice in choosing AMMCOR.

Julie C.
Aliso Viejo, CA

Directions to AMMCOR's New Location

We offer the following advantages to our Homeowners Associations.

Telephone calls are answered by a live receptionist and not by a computerized answering machine. We also provide 24-Hour Emergency Service with a live response.

Change can be painful. We work hard so that the transition from your current management company to AMMCOR is smooth and trouble free. We are quite simply, the best association management company in Orange County.

Free review of your association's Delinquency Policy with written recommendations.

Annual copy of current ``Condominium Blue Book`` as a gift to each Board President for use during the year.

AMMCOR's website. AMMCOR also provides a webpage for your individual association at no charge. The association's webpage can contain newsletters, upcoming events, rules & regulations, architectural applications, etc.

AMMCOR will aide you in conflict resolution.

We want to know! AMMCOR's periodic ``Vote of Confidence`` Survey goes out to all Board Members and we pay particular attention to the responses. This year we had a 95% return ratio.

If requested and at no charge, AMMCOR provides Board of Director Education Seminars covering the following: Understanding Financials; Coping with Homeowner Complaints; Fairness in Collections; Basic Board Member Duties; Fiduciary Responsibility & Obligations; Adequate Insurance Coverage.

AMMCOR always looks to find a way to say ``How can we help?``

Professional Homeowners Association Management


After selecting AMMCOR to manage their community, most Board of Directors commonly remark that the process was quite simple.
Contact us and get started now.

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We offer live after hours customer service for emergency conditions, and experienced customer support staff handle work order requests during regular working hours. Phone calls, voice mail, email, fax and web contact are all sources of communication between AMMCOR and our clients. As an included service, AMMCOR hosts a web page for each association in our portfolio.


    1211 Puerta Del Sol, Suite 120, San Clemente, CA 92673


    (949) 661-7767



    M – Th 8AM – Noon & 12:30 – 5:30PM | Fri 8AM – Noon Closed on weekends and all Federal Holidays

    One of the biggest negative factors in the Homeowners Association management industry is turnover of Managers. This causes Boards to recreate the information cycle – often many times in the same year. AMMCOR has very little turnover among the support staff, and nearly non-existent turnover among the managers who serve our clients. AMMCOR’s only business is Homeowners Association management. As a corporate viewpoint, we find it a conflict of interest to own a Homeowners Association vendor service firm and/or share in any vendor-related service fee income. We rigorously seek out vendors who provide quality service to our clients at a fair price. Our certified managers receive in-depth training each January with regard to any new changes in the Civil Code and all laws impacting common interest developments. A thorough understanding of the Civil Code, as it relates to Homeowners Association management, is the basis of every AMMCOR certified manager’s skill set. Our Director Reports are prepared timely so that Board Members will have an adequate opportunity to review the materials prior to the meeting. Our meetings are organized so that decisions can be made fairly and explained openly, and an agenda is followed which allows the community to benefit, and ensures that Board Members are not slaves to their unpaid positions on the Board.